Basketball High School (winter)

Grades 9 – 12

Boys or Girls


CTK Rec participates with Catholic Metro League of Atlanta High School for those in grades, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve; boys or girls.  The league is comprised of various parishes throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area.  Teams are affiliated with the parish of their choice based on local parish guidelines.


The high school program is both competitive and fun-loving.  Participants (typically) create their own teams for league play.  Teams may be self-coached, peer coached, or professionally coached (Mom or Dad).  Catholic Metro League of Atlanta High School strives to provide an environment for high school youth to continue playing and enjoying basketball when their high school does not permit it for various reasons.


All teams are required to have a team manager.  The team manager will act as the communications point for the team.  A team manager must be an adult (at least high school graduate) and is required to be present to represent the team at games, home and away, and at meetings.  The team manager is not required to coach, only manage the team. Each team is also required to have a player manager, often refered as the team captain.


Here at the Cathedral we welcome teams comprised of players from many communities.  Most players participate as a team but individuals are most welcome.  While every effort will be made to allow teams to remain as submitted or players matched to desired teams the program reserves the right to make adjustments in the best interest of the program and/or participants.

NEW TEAM FORMATION has ended for the high school winter league.  If you already have a team you may still register to participate.  If you hope to be added to a random team that cannot be guaranteed at this time but consider communicating with the team directly.




Teams Self-Managed



 League:  CMLA HS
 Calendar:  7 Game Season +Tournament
 SUN JAN 07 – Game 1
   SUN JAN 14 – Game 2
 MON JAN 15 – Game 3 & 4 (MLK Monday) [two games this day]
 SUN JAN 21 – Game 5
 SAT JAN 27 – Make-Up Saturday (if needed)

 SUN JAN 28 – Game 6
 SUN FEB 04 – Game 7
 SAT FEB 10 -Play-Off
 SUN FEB 13 – Play-Off / Championship
 LOCATION:  HYLAND CENTER GYM / various catholic gyms
 COSTS:  $110 ($90 if done before Thanksgiving)
 $ 0 (smiles from CTK support staff on game day)


No refunds – If program is canceled or must cap registrants a refund will be granted.  Financial Assistance may be available upon request.  Participants may also consider joining Lions Support to help offset costs while volunteering for the program. 

404-233-2145 x100: 


WATCH LIVE STREAM & REPLAYS: 10:30 am Sunday Mass