Frequently Asked Questions


Section 1 | Finance Questions

  1. What will the project cost?
    The estimated cost to complete all of the projects is $30 million.  The projects have been divided into renovations and new Hyland Center as shown in the campaign brochure.


  1. How were the estimated costs for the projects determined?
    Our parish Building Committee determined the costs working in close proximity with the architects, engineers, contractors, and commercial suppliers.


  1. What will happen if we don’t raise the money needed? Will the parish take out a loan to complete the project?
    Our goal is to raise the monies prior to starting the Hyland Center portion of the project.  Monsignor McNamee will evaluate where we stand and be in communication with Archbishop Gregory, the Archdiocese of Atlanta and our Finance Council to determine our path.


  1. Where will the money go if we exceed our $30 million goal?
    Any monies received above the actual project costs will be designated for our future projects, including a wish list of items that did not make the budget.  Cathedral leadership will continue to actively dialogue and pursue the best plan for the long-term benefit of our parish and school community.


  1. How much of the money will go to the Archdiocese? Does the Archbishop support the campaign?
    Any project in the Archdiocese of Atlanta above $50,000 is overseen by Catholic Construction Services.  A portion of funds raised will cover the project management costs provided by CCSI. They have been alongside us for four years as we have worked to bring this project to fruition and will remain with us until its completion. The Cathedral of Christ the King has the Archbishop’s full support and approval of the project.


  1. How will we know that our money is being used for the stated purpose?
    The money will be deposited in a separate and restricted account and reported monthly to the Finance Council.  All monies received for the Capital Campaign will be used solely for the expressed purposes stated in the brochure.


  1. Why is this campaign important when there are so many pressing needs in our community? Would the money not be better spent going directly to the poor?
    The needs of the poor and of our community are one of the many reasons why this campaign is so important. By expanding the space for our ministries and programs, we directly impact those our Cathedral serves. This project will allow us to better instill in our parish and school families our mission to know, love, and serve as Jesus did. We currently serve the poor in our community through handing out daily snack bags, preparing summer lunches for undernourished children, sponsoring families with our adopt-a-family Christmas ministry and support others in need through collaboration with Buckhead Christian Ministries, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Catholic Charities. More space on campus will allow us to increase our support in ministries that help us to serve others as Jesus did.


Section 2 | Project Questions

  1. Who are the architect and contractor on the project?
    Collins Cooper Carusi is the architect, and the contractor is New South Construction.


  1. When will the construction begin?
    Several renovations were completed this summer with funding raised to date through the Capital Campaign and Cathedral Fund. Dependent on fundraising, the remediation and demolition of the existing Hyland Center is tentatively scheduled for April 2018. The Archdiocese and Cathedral leadership will determine when we are able to confidently move forward with this next phase of the project.


  1. How was the project scope determined?
    Parish and school leadership and the Master Planning Committee conducted a thorough review of our campus facilities to determine our most pressing concerns. The review included a space utilization and mechanical study of the campus. We also asked for feedback from our parish and school families to ensure the priorities reflected the desires of the community. Finally, the established priorities were determined based on need as well as cost efficiency seeking to maximize both short term and long term benefits to the parish and school.


  1. Why not renovate the Hyland Center instead of rebuild?
    The existing size of the Hyland Center, even when renovated, will not meet our needs. The new Hyland Center will offer over 50,000 square feet of usable space. This will be achieved by building a level below ground and adding a third story above, while maintaining height restrictions agreeing with our neighborhood standards. This allows for an increase of 30,000 square feet.


  1. With the courtyard closed, what will happen to parking and carpool?
    While general parking will no longer be available in the courtyard, there will still be handicapped spots and drop off and pick up. A consultant firm will be hired to determine the new carpool flow.


  1. Is the design of the building finalized or will there be more changes?
    The current design of the building gives us a solid template for what needs to be accomplished. Moving forward the renderings and floor plans will be refined to best suit the identified needs of our Cathedral parish and school community.


  1. Will the limestone be reused? Will the roof be slate?
    To control costs and be good stewards, the project will use new limestone and synthetic slate roofing. Unfortunately, reusing the limestone is cost prohibitive.


Section 3 | Pledge Questions

  1. Is it true that each family is expected to give a pledge of $6,000 or more?
    No, this is not true.  Every gift is important to the success of the campaign.  The success of the campaign is based on the premise that not everyone can make the same size gift, but everyone can make the same size sacrifice: a contribution that truly reflects a willingness to support our mission to know, love, and serve our Heavenly Father. The suggested minimum asking level in the brochure was set at $6,000 to reflect a formula that takes into consideration a variety of factors. It is not based on each registered family giving $6,000.  In order for us to be successful, any family who has the ability to pledge $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 or even more is asked to prayerfully consider doing so.


  1. Why are families asked for pledges?
    We are encouraging pledges instead of one-time gifts because a pledge allows a family to make a larger contribution over a longer period of time.  The amount of your pledge is more important than the time frame in which it is paid.  If you need more time to make a larger pledge, you may do so.  Of course, we are grateful for all sacrifices, whether they are pledges or one-time gifts.  Our most important goal is 100% participation from our families.  We hope that you will make a contribution to your parish and school.


  1. Do I have to make a down payment?
    We ask everyone to consider making a 10% down payment with their pledge.  Your down payment will allow us to more quickly accomplish our projects.  A down payment is not necessary, however, it is appreciated.  Please don’t let that stop you from filling out your pledge card.


  1. Can I pay my pledge over a different time frame?
    Yes, the time frame is your choice. In fact, you may wish to expand your commitment to a fifth year.  Please be sure to indicate this on your pledge card when you fill it out.


  1. Do I have to make a pledge or can I pay it outright?
    We are encouraging everyone to prayerfully consider giving to the campaign over an extended period of time since this allows for most people to make a larger gift. But we are appreciative of all the sacrificial gifts that are given.


  1. How do I fulfill my campaign pledge; will you remind me?
    Beginning in December of 2017, regular reminders along with a return envelope will be sent to you according to the plan you have chosen: monthly, quarterly, or annually.


  1. Can I make my pledge online?
    Yes, to make your pledge via EFT, debit, or credit card, simply visit the campaign website: Please still return your completed pledge card to the parish.


  1. What happens if my finances change and I am unable to fulfill my pledge? Will my family still be held responsible?
    A pledge is not legally binding; it is a statement of your sincere intentions.  If circumstances arise causing financial hardship, you will always have the ability to amend your pledge and your family will not be held responsible for a pledge that you have made.


  1. In addition to cash, what types of gifts are accepted?
    Many donors may want to take advantage of non-traditional gifts such as matching gifts, gifts of stock, and gifts from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Matching Gifts: If you are an employee or retiree of a company that has a matching gift program, we ask you to maximize that and route your gift through Christ the King School. Please fill out your pledge card and turn it in to the Development office.

Gifts of Stock: Gifting appreciated stock allows the donor to receive a tax break on gains. Please reach out the Development Office at (404) 267-3689 for dtc transfer instructions.

IRA: If you are 70 ½ and have a required distribution from an IRA or will be turning 70 ½ during the pledge period, routing a portion of your distribution may be a great tax advantage to you. Donors can direct up to $100,000 per year of a required distribution to a charity. Please contact the Development Office at (404) 267-3689 for instructions.

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