Dear Parishioners,
Archbishop Gregory and Bishop Hartmayer of the Diocese of Savannah have issued a response to the passage of HB 757 and the promised veto by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. You may have heard about this religious liberty legislation/action in the news.

The statement is available on the Archdiocese’ website,, in English and  Spanish and is available for media.   The official statement below.
In Christ,
Monsignor Mac
Throughout the legislative debate related to religious liberty, the Catholic bishops of Georgia have adhered to the principles we asserted in March 2015 (Statement Regarding Religious Freedom Act). While we and the other Catholic bishops in the United States support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), we do not support any implementation of RFRA in a way that will discriminate against any individual. Indeed, the dignity of each individual is the basis for religious liberty. [Dignitatis Humanae, n. 1,2]
We fervently support religious liberty guaranteed by the United States and    Georgia constitutions and we respect those who seek to enhance those freedoms through legislation. Governor Nathan Deal has announced his intention to veto HB 757 and the debate will, thus, continue.
Under these circumstances, the general well being of the State requires that all respectfully acknowledge the worthy motivations on each side and progress into a future of dialogue which, more than continually revising legislative language, will focus on greater compassion and mercy so that every individual can develop his or her full potential.

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