Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor. Following the directives of Vatican Council II that “the laity should accustom themselves to working in the parish in close union with their priest,” the Parish Pastoral Council should assist the Pastor in identifying opportunities, challenges, problems and solutions as together they strive to carry out the Mission of Christ. They should utilize the many and varied gifts of the laity in service to the Church. Volunteers are needed to assist the Parish Council through various committees.

Current members of the 2016-2017 Council are:

Alex Ferguson, 404-358-4377, Chair

Kathleen Swann, 404-877-9206

Meri Barbalho, 678-358-9907

Elizabeth Mount, 678-974-7172

Sarah Catherine Welch 703-973-8508

Scott, 503-706-4533

Chris  404-799-0268

Karen 404-630-0494

Gene Rice, 678-697-4993

Claudia Shepherd 404-409-5237

Jennifer Lewis, 706-714-2806

Ken Lynch 404-599-3454

Joanne Love 404-256-1442

Maggie Piekarski 845-667-9680

Patricia Hicks 404-367-0724

Laura Rava 404-934-4385

Caroline Speir