Parish Information


How do I register for the parish?

Click here to register online or complete a registration form at the Reception Desk.


What are the parish office hours?

The parish Receptionist Desk is open from 8:30am-7:30pm Sunday-Saturday.


How do I request to a private confession or talk to a priest/deacon?

Call the parish office at 404-233-2145 to make an appointment with a priest or deacon.


What are the Mass times?

Our Mass schedule can be found here


When is the nursery available during Sunday Mass?

Click here for the Nursery Schedule


Can I request the nursery for special events?

Nursery for special events is subject to staff availability.  All nursery requests for special events should be emailed to Elaine McCollum at


What are the Confession times?

Our Confession times can be found here.


How can I request a Mass Intention?

Request a Mass Intention?


How do I submit prayer requests?

Call the parish reception desk at 404-233-2145 or contact Jan Riser, Pastoral Care Associate, 404-267-3674,

How do I donate Altar flowers in memory of a loved one?

Contact Linda Seitz to make a donation for the Altar flowers.


What is the bulletin submission deadline?

The Bulletin submission deadline is 5 pm on Tuesday, twelve (12) days BEFORE the bulletin date. All new submissions are subject to editing and go through an approval process.  Please email to


How do I request that an item be put in the church bulletin, website and monitors?

Send all requests to  All new submissions are subject to editing and go through an approval process.


How do I advertise in the bulletin?

If you are interested in advertising in this bulletin, please contact Mark from Diocesan Publications at 404-307-7016 or email at


Where is the Lost and Found?

The Lost and Found bin is located at the Reception Desk from 8:30 am-7:30 pm Sunday-Saturday.


How do I request space for a ministry meeting?

All space requests go through the staff ministry leader.  Contact Kathy McCormick at for guidance.



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