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Catholic vs Protestant Bibles

Scripture Concordance – Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith

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Below are handouts you can use for further study.


Deposit of Faith; Divine Revelation; Sacred Tradition; Sacred Scripture


Virtue of Faith; Responding to the Great Mysteries; Grace and Conversion


Conversion to Jesus ChristJesus, the Way, the Truth and the LifeBeatitudes


The Battle of PrayerWell-Known Catholic PrayersTypes of Prayer


Church is ApostolicThe Magisterium


Real PresenceEucharist


History of MassThe Parts of the MassHoly OrdersIn Persona Christi




MatrimonyWhat is a Sacramental Marriage?Marriage, Sexuality, and Contraception


The Liturgical Year


Blessed TrinityAttributes of GodTrue God and True Man


Our Lady of GuadalupeCommunion of SaintsFive Doctrines on MaryHoly Rosary


One, Holy, Catholic…Infallibility;


Social Teaching of the Church


Natural Law; Seven Deadly Sins; Precepts of the Church


Reconciliation; Anointing of the Sick; Confession to a Human Being; Examination of Conscience


Four Last Things; Purgatory


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