Grades 5 – 8 Boys and Girls



Lions offers four (4) divisions (5th/6th and 7th/8th) for the 5th – 8th grade boys and girls of the Cathedral community to participate in.  The Cathedral participates with Catholic Metro Volleyball League (CMVL) who manages and schedules games for the program.  The season runs from mid August through early October.  Registration is open to rising 5th – 8th grade girls.  (space is limited)  This program is open for members of the Cathedral Community regardless of school attending.  CMVL does however require participants be members of a parish or registered at the school as a student.

SPECIAL NOTE about space and slots:  Cathedral of Christ the King may provide up to 12 teams in the league.  The number of teams permitted is limited to the number of those coaching.  Players are turned away from the program or ‘wait listed’ because there are not enough coaches.  Have you thought about coaching or team managing on game days for this season?  Please communicate any desire to be involved quickly to the Director of Recreation as quickly as possible at REC@CTKING.COM.  We can only have the number of teams for the number of coaches, not players.




Coaches for this program are parents or parish volunteers with an interest in sharing their knowledge and love of volleyball with its participants.


Game Schedule:  Saturdays
Time:  As early as 9 am and as late as 1 pm
 JUL ?? – COACH CLINIC – St. Pius X High School
 AUG 6 – Season Game Schedule Available
Dates:  AUG 11, 18, 25, SEP 8, 15, 22, & SEP 29 & 30 PlayOff/Tourn.
Location:  Various parishes in the diocese
Cost:  $180 before 6/21
 $220 after 6/21


Adrian, 404-233-2145 x000: REC@CTKING.COM


Practices and Games:

  • All practices are location TBD and after 4:30 PM start /games are on Saturdays
  • Games will typically last one hour and begin on the hour at 9, 10, 11 AM, or 12 PM and end by 1 PM (may play two matches)


Registration (rising 5 – 8):


  • Registration (on-line or post-marked) by 6/21 $180
  • Registration (on-line or post-marked) after 06/21 $220 [IF ACCEPTED]
  • If you do not register on time, we cannot guarantee a spot or gear
  • Participants should be actively involved in the Cathedral of Christ the King community either through parish or school
  • Our game schedule may conflict with the SPX Middle School Volleyball Program
  • Those player in 7th & 8th grade who will ‘try out’ for the SPX Team will be eligible for a refund (if confirmation in writing of acceptance onto SPX team and registered participant is on ‘waiting list’)


SPECIAL NOTE, player expectation: A team sport is an activity in which a group of individuals, on the same team, work together to accomplish an ultimate goal which is usually to win.  The program and coaches understand there are occasional / conflicts that arise.  Participants are expected to make 50% of practices and 75% of games.    This is a team effort and team commitment is expected in order for all to be successful in the program.  Remember  participants are potentially ‘wait-listed’ and if you make a slot you need to be there with your team.  A coach may choose to bench a player should they not meet this requirement at any time during the season.


Approval for Participation:

This approval is assumed accepted if you register on-line. I hereby give approval of the participation of my child in any and all Cathedral of Christ the King and affiliated programs of the league activities and I assume all risks and hazard incident to such participation, including transportation to and from said activities, waive, release absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless Cathedral of Christ the King and affiliated association league organizers, supervisors, offices, directors, participants and persons or parents supervising or transporting participants to or from such activities from any claims arising out of injury to my child.


Media Release Form:

This approval is assumed accepted if you register on-line. I hereby grant permission for my child(ren), to be photographed and/or interviewed for The Georgia Bulletin, The AJC, or other print, radio, television or electronic media. I understand photographs or quotation may be reprinted in The Georgia Bulletin or other media, including but not limited to television, radio, newspapers and the Internet, for public dissemination. I release and relieve Cathedral of Christ the King and the Archdiocese of Atlanta from any responsibility or liability for any claims arising from the publication or reproduction of any photographs or interviews in any news or other media. I wave any and all right to inspect or approve the finished photographs or printed matter that may be use in conjunction with any photograph or to approve the eventual use for which it may be applied.


Participation Documentation:

All participants must have completed and submitted their paperwork (obtained during the online registration process) to be considered registered.

Drop-off / Pick-up

Participants should not arrive excessively early to their scheduled practice time.  All participants 10 minutes early for practices.Each practice and game segment participants are expected to to be picked-up in a timely manor.


Special Note:  Registration and payment for volleyball does not guarantee a spot on a team.  Our participant count is limited based on the number of coaches.  Once capacity is reached registrants are automatically placed on a ‘waiting list’.  Those on the waiting list will be placed (removed from wait list status) if/when participants drop out of the program or a slot becomes available on a first come, first serve basis prior to the start of the season in AUG.

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