The Lord has given us a vineyard.
We’re called to enter it.

The Cathedral is thriving amidst the challenges of 2020. We’re working to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of our parishioners. But the Cathedral isn’t immune to the economic challenges of the pandemic.

CTK needs your intentional support of the Offertory to ensure we continue to thrive in 2021. With your commitment by November 8, 2020, we can continue to meet the evolving needs of our parish and our community.

Make a pledge to the Cathedral’s 2021 Offertory

How We’re Thriving

Celebrating over 29 Masses safely each week
Welcoming 70 new Catholics into the Church through RCIA
Connecting by phone/mail with about 200 quarantined parishioners each month
Serving over 1,100 students through CKS, PSR, and Young Church
Safely celebrating weddings, funerals, and baptisms, and allowing guests to join by live stream
Four distinct ministries actively praying for our parishioners, their intentions, and those most in need of prayer
Donating over $11,000 and 725 grocery bags to feed families through MUST Ministries
Providing 44,000 meals to hungry families through Compassion Kitchen
Expanding live stream program to feature 14 additional Mass and prayer opportunities
Providing daily inspirational content and parish news on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Make a pledge to the Cathedral’s 2021 Offertory

How to Grow Your Giving

If you give regularly to the Offertory

Thank you! You have helped us cover the expenses of Cathedral, allowing us to remain open through 2020 and to continue to serve our community. We are asking you, as a regular supporter of the Cathedral, to prayerfully consider increasing your gift in 2021.

If you once gave to the Offertory 

Thank you for your past investment. This year has been difficult and now may be a hard time to give. If your giving lapsed prior to the pandemic and you have the means to give, we need your help now. We are asking you to come back as a financial contributor in 2021.

If you volunteer at the Cathedral

Thank you! We value your volunteerism very much. If you volunteer but are not supporting the Offertory, we are asking you to make a financial contribution in 2021. Your gifts of time matter and we would be blessed to have your continued service in new areas.

Make a pledge to the Cathedral’s 2021 Offertory

Serve in the Lord’s Vineyard

God calls each of us to serve Him and His Church.
As the Cathedral reopens, the work of our vineyard is a little different.
Is God inviting you to labor for Him in a different way?

Serve at the Lord’s Table
Mass is the source and summit of our faith – and CTK needs you to make it happen.
We have immediate volunteer needs at all Masses for:

Check-in: Greet and assist guests as they arrive.
Ushers: Help guests find their way.
Lectors: Proclaim the Scriptures at Mass.
Eucharistic Ministers: Share the Body and Blood of Jesus at communion.
Live Stream: Operate our live streams at weekend Masses.

Learn more about these and other current volunteer opportunities at the Cathedral at

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