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What is Life Teen?

Life Teen is our high school youth ministry experience that takes place on Sunday evenings. All 9th-12th Grade teens (catholic or not) are invited to join us Sundays from 4-6:30PM. We start with our Life Teen mass at 4PM and then we have a session from 5-6:30PM in Kenny Hall with dinner, community, a powerful message, and small groups.

Life Teen Mission:

Our Mission:
  • To create a joyful community of growing disciples in love with Christ and His Church.
Our Strategy:
  • We place each teen in a small group that remains consistent throughout one year (or multiple) with young adult leaders intentionally journeying with the teen.
  • We provide a Sunday night experience focused on three things:
    • Building community at a small group level to help teens feel connected to the Church
    • Providing relevant and engaging teachings on the Catholic faith to give teens a place to both learn and ask questions about the faith
    • Leading teens to encounter Jesus through different experiences of prayer and worship
  • We create inspiring, sacramental, fun retreat and trip experiences to lead teens to big encounter moments with Jesus.
A Win for Life Teen is for a teen to:
  • Be connected to a joyful community of teens striving for holiness
  • Have a personal and growing relationship with God
  • Have a love and understanding of the Catholic Church and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Be excited to continue their faith journey by plugging into a Catholic community after high school


Click Here To Register for our 2019-2020 Life Teen Program.

This link will take you to a Calendar Page of Events. Click on “Life Teen 2019-2020” and then click “Register Now: Individual Registration.” Even if the teen name at the top of your account is NOT the child you are trying to register, continue with this step – there will be an option to “Click Here to Add another Registrant” after you continue with this step. Select your correct child and click on the “Click to Register” next to your teen’s name. If you do not see your teen’s name on the form, click on the “Click Here to Add Another Registrant” button.

If you are registering a 10th grader for confirmation then you do not need to register your teen for Life Teen as well. Click Here to register them for Confirmation, and then Life Teen will be included in their registration fee.


Life Teen costs $150 to register for the year. This covers all of our Life Teen nights (Including: food/resources/speakers/entertainment for our kick-off and end of the year events, etc.) and at least two off site social events. In addition, if you are a Life Teen participant, you will get discounted rates on our overnight retreat that takes place in the Fall.

Scholarships are available thanks to our generous parishioners. If you are in need of a scholarship, please Click Here to fill out a Scholarship Application.

Life Teen Orientations:

Parents, please attend a Life Teen Orientation prior to the start of the year. These are for parents only; no teens.

Saturday August 10, 2019: 11:00-11:30AM

Wednesday August 14, 2019: 6:30-7PM

2019-2020 Schedule:

Click Here to view our 2019-2020 Life Teen Schedule

Questions About Life Teen?

Check out our Life Teen FAQs below and contact Colleen at with any additional questions.

What typically happens at Life Teen?
We invite all teens to begin their Life Teen experience at 4PM mass. We will have a teen section at the front of the Cathedral for teens and core members to sit if teens come alone or families can come and sit together at 4PM mass. After mass, we begin a session in Kenny Hall across the hall where teens are welcomed at the door and invited to meet up with their small group leader and the teens in their small group to catch up. The order varies but at each night we typically have a fun game or team building exercise, an engaging talk, a time for the teens to break open the talk with an activity or discussion within their small group, and we always provide dinner. At some of the nights, we will have a prayer experience that might include a time of praise and worship and/or adoration.

What is a series?
A series is a grouping of 2-5 Life Teen nights where the messages are all connected under a common theme.  Our goal with the series is to dive deeper into topics in a way that is relevant to a teen’s life (both practical and spiritual) instead of simply brushing over the surface.

What’s the deal with small groups?
Our Life Teen program pulls nearly 200 teens from 40 different Atlanta area high schools.  Knowing that a large group experience can be intimidating for some teens, as well as a teen’s desire for authentic community we aim to make our large community feel small through our Life Teen small groups strategy. Teens get placed in a small group at the beginning of the year, and they remain in the same small group with the same leaders for the entirety of the year.  This helps teens get to know other teens and leaders in a safe and relaxed discussion based environment.

My high schooler goes to Catholic school.  Why should they come to Life Teen?
Investing in Catholic schooling is a big commitment and provides teens with incredible intellectual formation in the teachings of the Catholic faith.  At Life Teen we believe that the key to engaging a teen in their faith is to move them beyond knowing things about God to actually knowing God.  The intellectual formation that your teen has received at school will be a great foundation to their experience at Life Teen where we build community, tackle challenging issues in the life of a Catholic teen, and help them discover God’s great love and respond with a life of discipleship.

My high schooler won’t know anyone at Life Teen.  Will they feel welcomed?
One of our goals at Life Teen is to make every teen who walks through our doors feel welcomed and valued as a part of our CTK Young Church family.  We aim to make this happen through radical hospitality, outreach by our team of trained young adult leaders, and our intentional small group experience (see the question on small groups above).  Obviously finding a true sense of community takes time, but we strive to expedite this process through intentional hospitality. If your teen ever doesn’t feel welcome, we ask that you PLEASE reach out to us to let us know how we can better his/her experience. Email or call Colleen (contact info below).

My teen is in your Confirmation program.  Do they need to register for Life Teen?
No, anyone who is registered for Confirmation can come to Life Teen free of charge.

What does the registration fee for Life Teen cover?
The registration fee covers dinner, supplies, and resources for each of our Life Teen meetings.  It allows us to stipend musicians for our worship nights, stipend guest speakers and priests as well as provide entertainment for big kick-off and end of the year events. In addition to this, teens get to attend at least two off site social events without an additional charge.

Are scholarships available for Life Teen and Life Teen events?
Yes!  If you are in need of a scholarship, please Click Here to fill out a Scholarship Application.

My question wasn’t answered.  Who can I ask?
We’re always happy to help with any questions!  Feel free to call Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Assoc. Director of Youth Ministry at 404-267-3676 or email her at


Colleen O’Shaughnessey: // 404-267-3676