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Youth 365 is our large fundraiser CTK Young Church runs every two years aiming to support the youth of our parish and community 365 days a year. Our 2019 Youth 365 fundraiser is running June 1, 2019 through July 1, 2019.

Through our EDGE (6-8 grade), Life Teen (9-12 grade), and Confirmation (10 grade) experiences, we at Christ the King Young Church aim to raise young growing disciples in love with Christ and His Church, transforming their homes, schools, and communities by lives lived in and for the love of God. With over 500 teens already active in our programs and hundreds more to reach, we asked the question: What would it look like for our parish family to join us on this mission? What would it look like for our entire parish family to reach out in support of our youth every day of the year? What would it mean in the lives of over 500 teens in our parish family?


Throughout the month of June, we will have a Youth 365 Big Board set up in the gathering space between the Cathedral and Kenny Hall. The Big Board will have the donation amounts between $1 and $365, each corresponding to a day of the next year beginning June 1st (i.e. $1 – June 1, $2 – June 2, etc.). We invite you to consider investing in the spiritual lives of our parish’s teens by choosing an amount to donate between $1 and $365.

Donations can be made in honor of your own children or other loved ones. Choose an amount corresponding to a important event, anniversary, birthday, etc.


Click Here to Donate Now!

Donating to Youth 365 is a simple two-step process:

(1) We will have our Youth 365 Big Board in the Gathering space, and you will be able to choose an amount and corresponding date that you would like to donate.  You may want to choose a date corresponding to an important event, anniversary, birthday, etc.

(2) After choosing your amount and date, you can visit our online donation page and let us know who you’re donating in honor of (if applicable), any prayer intentions we can lift up for you on the date associated with your donation, and how we can get in touch to say ‘Thank You’.

In return for your investment in our parish youth, you will receive:
  • A personal thank you from our youth ministry team
  • Bi-Annual emails of youth ministry highlights to see the fruit of your investment
  • Prayers for your personal intentions on the week corresponding to your donations from our team
CTK is a 501-3C non-profit organization so all gifts are tax deductible.


If our parish family steps up to fill each square on the Youth 365 Big Board, we will be able to raise over $66,000 to support our vision of youth ministry! These funds will be used to support us in the following ways:

  • Partial Scholarships for a select group of upperclassmen teens who attend a top Catholic leadership Conference each year
  • Partial & full scholarships for programs, retreats, and mission trips so no teen is turned away for financial reasons
  • Enhancing our Sunday Life Teen and EDGE experiences including bringing in national speakers and worship leaders
  • Stipends for priests to attend retreats and mission trips with us so that teens can encounter Jesus in the sacraments on every trip we offer
  • Covering costs for chaperones to attend our events and camps with us
  • Big kick-off and end of the year social events which create belonging and community for the teens
  • Youth ministry training retreats for our youth ministers and core team of young adults who lead the teens

CTK is a 501-3C non-profit organization so all gifts are tax deductible.


“I love CTK Young Church so much because ever since I can remember the community has been so welcoming. They have becoming like family to me in these past few years. Everyone, including the staff, core members, and the teens, are willing to grow in their faith and that gave me the motivation to want to grow in mine as well. Everyone is always willing to help each other out when one is having trouble with their faith such as doubt or disagreement on certain aspects of the catholic faith. The Life Teen Leadership Conference was my favorite trip, it was packed with great speakers and an amazing group of people. It was one of the most peaceful times of my life. The scholarships that I have received for this trip (and other retreats) are a real blessing because they have given me an equal opportunity to attend the retreats. Without the scholarships, I wouldn’t have been able to go on trips like these, and they have changed me for the better. I am so proud to now have become a leadership teen (Empower teen) for the CTK Young Church program.”

“I love CTK Young Church because of the people. I remember my first time at Edge and I was really scared and nervous. Then I met the people at Edge and the people made me feel instantly more comfortable. The atmosphere of Young Church is a very welcoming place. I grew in my faith because I kept showing up. The more I showed up I just kept learning about God and I fell into a routine with talking about my faith and trying to go deeper into it. I had the opportunity to do Discipleship with one of the youth ministers and doing that grew my daily prayer life. My favorite experience by far was the Confirmation retreat. I really loved how people came to God during adoration. It was so much fun to just be with people you have known for years and have the Catholic aspect of your life shine through with your friends.” 

“Ctk is such a welcoming environment! I remember coming to the events being scared because I didn’t know anybody, but once I got there someone always tried to make me feel more comfortable. My faith had gone through a rough patch but the 1 on 1 discipleship program really gave me something to help strengthen my faith. Now my faith is in a much better place. My favorite thing about CTK is Summit (the wednesday night bible study group). It’s a great place to hangout with a group with people who truly love God, and for me it was always something to look forward to each week and helped me get through the week”

“Life Teen helped break down my faith and the mass for me… it made real life connections for me to better understand how important these things are in my life.” 

“I have often wondered why I am here and what my purpose in life is. When I was on Life Teen’s February Retreat, I felt God saying to me in adoration that there is a reason I am here and he has a purpose for me.”

“My Life Teen small group has been a big reason why I have grown closer to God. My small group leaders have been some of the best influences on me, and they gave me a safe space every Sunday to talk about what is going on in my life. They have shown me more about myself than I ever could have known, and have helped me reach out to other people who are also on this faith journey. I even ended up asking one of my small group leaders to be my Confirmation sponsor. I am so thankful for my Life Teen small group leaders”


“CTK’s Youth Ministry is transformative. Our kids thrived in Edge and Confirmation/Life Teen. They found such fellowship and faith mentors among Young Church leaders and CORE members to grow in Christ, navigate tricky tween/teen years and shape them for years to come. What a blessing!”

“My son has enjoyed Life Teen and confirmation preparation so much these last two years. You made them interesting and kept him wanting to come.  I can’t tell you how much that means to us as parents. You guys do a wonderful job making every single student feel blessed. This is such an important time in their life and I’m so happy CTK is helping to create a solid foundation in Christ.”

“My middle schooler has loved every week of EDGE  and has been disappointed on the weeks that it was not being held.  Over the course of the year I can see that it has helped her develop her own personal relationship with God and the Church.”

“EDGE has been a grounding force for our son especially as he is entering his teenage years. Attending EDGE has made him more principled as well as open-minded and has provided additional life lessons that he will carry with him through the years ahead.”

“I am so thankful for the small group leaders at Life Teen. My daughter’s small group leader has been an incredible mentor in her discipleship journey.  She meets with her consistently and the positive impact she is having on all levels is impressive and inspiring. She leads, mentors, and encourages her, and stepped right up when my daughter asked her to be her Confirmation Sponsor.  They have formed a bond that I see lasting a lifetime and we are forever grateful.”