EDGE seeks to provide a joyful community in which middle school youth can encounter Christ and begin an intentional relationship with Him. Through EDGE, we want students to:

  • Build Christian friendships
  • Receive faith-filled mentorship from young adult small group leaders who witness to Christ’s truth and love
  • Have an initial conversion and personal encounter with Christ
  • Grow in relationship with God through a small group environment where he/she feels comfortable asking questions about Jesus, the Church, and pressures of middle school life
  • Begin to engage with God in prayer
  • Desire to participate in the life of the Catholic Church (EDGE, Mass, Reconciliation, etc.)
  • Become excited to continue growing in faith and community in Confirmation and Life Teen
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Questions About EDGE?

What typically happens at EDGE?

At the start of the night, youth are welcomed at the door and invited to hang out, play games, and eat some food. After about 15 minutes, we’ll break into small groups for an opening small group competition.  Following the competition, one of our leaders will present a powerful message aiming to draw the youth deeper into the love of God. The youth will then have an opportunity to connect and break open the message in their small groups through activities and discussion. At the end of the night, they wrap up with small group prayer and receive a weekly challenge to put what they have learned into action!

My middle schooler goes to Catholic school. Why should he/she come to EDGE?

Investing in Catholic schooling is a big commitment and provides youth with incredible intellectual formation in the teachings of the Catholic faith.  At EDGE we believe that the key to engaging a youth in their faith is to move them beyond knowing things about God to actually knowing God.  The intellectual formation that your teen has received at school will be a great foundation to his/her experience at EDGE where we build community, tackle challenging issues in the life of a Catholic youth, and help them discover God’s great love and learn how to respond to it.

My middle schooler won’t know anyone at EDGE. Will they feel welcomed?

One of our main goals at EDGE is to make every youth who walks through our doors feel welcomed and valued as a part of our CTKYC family.  We aim to make this happen through radical hospitality, outreach by out team of trained young adult and upperclassmen leaders, and our intentional small group experience. Obviously finding a true sense of community takes time, but we strive to expedite this process through intentional hospitality. If you are ever worried about your middle schooler coming and not knowing anyone, feel free to reach out to our youth ministers. They can ask a Core member to look out for your youth and intentionally welcome them.

What does the registration fee for EDGE cover?
The $150 registration fee covers all of our EDGE meetings (including food/resources/speakers/entertainment for our kick-off and end of the year events, etc.) as well as all socials, all lock-ins, and all retreats. Your registration fee will include all EDGE activities throughout the school year. Scholarships are available if needed.
My middle schooler can’t attend every EDGE meeting. Should I still sign up?

While consistent attendance is definitely the way the youth will grow the most both in their faith and in community, we do invite middle schoolers who may only be able to attend some EDGE meetings or attend EDGE during certain seasons (i.e. if you have an activity or sports commitment in the spring but want to attend in Fall and Winter) to sign up!

Are scholarships available for EDGE and EDGE events?

Yes!  If you are in need of a scholarship, please fill out this form or feel free to contact our youth ministers directly.