Welcome to Confirmation Preperation at the Cathedral of Christ the King! Through Confirmation, we call teens to encounter and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit; equip them to receive the graces of the Holy Spirit; and inspire them to enter into the Church’s mission and lifelong discipleship.

During their one-year preparation for Confirmation, usually in 10th grade, each student will:

  • Have oppurtunities to encouncter Christ
  • Understand the purpose, graces, and gifts of the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Recognize his/her personal gifts and the need the world has for them
  • Receive mentorship, guidance, and support from faith-filled young adult leaders
  • Get connected to his/her peers and mentors in the CTK community and become excited to continue growing in life-long discipleship with the Lord
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Lana Urbina
Confirmation Coordinator | Assistant Youth Minister