Thank You!

We’re so grateful for everyone who joined us for our July 13 parish communications workshop. We hope it armed you with tools, tips, and resources to improve your communications program.

Free and Affordable Resources

Download this booklet full of resources you can use to create graphics, edit video, and plan out your social media.

Intro | Working with the Archdiocese

Session #1 | Effectively Evangelizing Your Parishioners


Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Email to receive a Communications Template Packet, including:

  1. Communications Process Overview
  2. Yearly Planning Template
  3. Social Media Calendar Templates
  4. Event Target Audience Template

Session #2 | What Goes on Your Website

Session #4 | Making a Better Video


Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Email Ian Goldsmith at for questions regarding video equipment, and recommendations for purchases, including:

■ DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras
■ Lenses
■ Ring lights
■ Microphones

Event Target Audience Template

Recommended Reading from our Speakers

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