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Weekly Schedule

– Cathedral Sunday Mass | 10:30 AM, Sundays

– Spanish Mass | 1:30 PM, Sundays

– Weekday Mass & Rosary | 12:10 PM, Monday–Friday

– Vigil Mass | 4:00 PM, Saturdays

– CBSW | 9:50 AM, Tuesdays

Tips for Viewing

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– First, try refreshing this page.

– If having are still having trouble, try viewing the event on the Vimeo event page, or our YouTube page (for select events.)

– If trouble persists, make sure everything is correct on your end, such as your internet connection.

– If you still cannot find or view the livestream, it is likely we are experiencing technical difficulties on our end, and are actively trying to resolve the issue. Questions may be directed to

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