Baptism is the first sacrament celebrated in the process of becoming a full member of the Church community. It is, like all the sacraments, a gift from God.

Baptizing Your Child at Christ the King

We ask parents:

to be registered and active members of the Catholic Church

to have attended a baptism preparation class in the past 5 years (or have had a child baptized in the past 5 years)

Step 1 | Establish Membership

An active member (according to the Archdiocese of Atlanta):

■ is registered with a parish,
■ attends Mass on a regular basis,
■ supports the parish through the consistent giving of time, talent, and financial resources,
■ and receives regular mailings and communications from the parish.

Members of Another Parish?
We need permission from your pastor to baptize your child. When scheduling your baptism, you will need to submit a “Letter of Permission” from your pastor stating 1) that you are registered parishioners of that parish, and 2) he grants permission for the baptism to occur at Christ the King (Code of Canon Law: Can. 857 §2). There is a $150 fee for non-members to be baptized at the Cathedral.

Step 2 | Complete a Baptism Class


you’ve taken baptism class in the past 5 years

you’ve had a child baptized in the past 5 years

If the class was at another parish, please have that parish provide a letter acknowledging class participation. You’ll submit it when you are scheduling the baptism.

Step 3 | Scheduling Your Baptism

Once you’ve registered for a Baptism Preparation class at the Cathedral, we’ll email you 1) a Baptism Registration Form and 2) instructions on how to schedule your Baptism.

If you’ve already taken a class or baptized a child in the past five years, email Elaine McCollum at to request a Baptism Registration form and scheduling instructions.

Tip: include your child’s full name in all communications. Avoid confusion by providing your child’s last name, not the mother’s maiden name, when corresponding.

Preparing for the Day of Baptism

Please arrive at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled baptism.

Parking and Directions
Parking is available in the parking deck on Peachtree Way. It is directly across the street from the Cathedral entrance (A). Enter the d’Youville Chapel at (C).

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Community baptisms are about 45 minutes. Private baptisms are 30-45 minutes.

You’re welcome to take photos or video! Please respect the reverence of the sacrament.

Other Information

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