Dear Parishioners,

On June 29 the Church celebrates the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. As early as the year 258, there is evidence of an already lengthy tradition of celebrating the solemnities of both Saint Peter and Saint Paul on the same day. Together, the two saints are the founders of the See of Rome (the “seat” of authority of the church) through their preaching, ministry and martyrdom there.

Peter, who was named Simon, was a fisherman of Galilee and was introduced to the Lord Jesus by his brother Andrew, also a fisherman. Jesus gave him the name Cephas (Petrus in Latin), which means ‘Rock,’ because he was to become the rock upon which Christ would build His Church. (more…)

As our EDGE and LifeTeen programs continue to grow, it is necessary to make changes to our Sunday Mass schedule.  Beginning September 8, the LifeTeen Mass will take place at 4 pm in the Cathedral. This will provide our teens with a worship environment more appropriate to the great mysteries that we all celebrate.  LifeTeen and EDGE will both occur in Kenny Hall at 5 pm, following the 4 pm Mass. As a result of this change, the 5:30 pm regularly scheduled Mass will begin at 5:45 pm and the 7 pm Mass will move to 7:15.

We are excited about the upcoming school year and changes to our Mass schedule.  I am confident this will enhance and service our parish community as we continue to grow.


Dear Parishioners,

The three traditional pillars of Lenten observance are prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  It’s a season of reflection, sacrifice and self-reflection. While there are many things you can do at home during Lent (pray, read, fast, for example), the Cathedral offers a wide range of opportunities for you and your family to get involved such as:

¨ Weekly Stations of the Cross

¨ Lenten Penance Service (more…)

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