2021 Summer Camps – Register HERE

This summer Christ the King will be offering a full schedule of summer camps.  Starting the week of June 7th and running through July 30th we have plenty of camp options to chose from.  All camp activities run from 9am to 1pm and include a lunch option.

To make life easy for everyone, we will also be offering before and after care options starting at 8am and lasting until 5:30pm.

Here is a full list of 2021 Summer Camps:

June 7th – 11th

Summer Complete Player Basketball Academy Camp – 9am – 1pm

Not your “run of the mill” summer babysitting basketball camp! For players serious about learning and developing their game to the next level! Advanced fundamentals of shooting mechanics, pivoting and footwork and ball handling/dribbling are focus! Competetive 1on 1 drills for maximum learning!

Robotics Explorer STEM – Grades 2 through 6

9am – 3pm – $360

Welcome to the 21st Century! This camp will provide campers with a foundational understanding of robotics and various related disciplines. We will build and explore a wide variety of robots and engage in hands on challenges where they will program robots to solve problems in Space Exploration, Engineering, and Automation.
This Camp has a particular focus on technology and programming. STEM Velocity utilizes quality resources during multiple hands-on activities helping children acquire essential 21st Century Skills. Campers will receive invaluable support and guidance from our team of instructors and lab assistants. Visit STEMVelocity.com for more details.

Art Club Camp with Ms Rich – GRADES K – 3

9am – 1pm – $375

Each day we will explore a new theme and art period ranging from pre-historic art to modern art. Painting, drawing, mosaics, ceramics, printmaking, fossil creation, and art history.


June 11th – 18th


June 21st – June 25th

CREATE-A-PLAY (For Grades 3-5)

Instructors – Jordan Blair Brown and Ryan King

Max # of Students – 16

Early Bird Special if registered by May 1st

Want to create a play in a week? Join Ryan and Jordan as they lead collaborative improvisation exercises, theatre techniques and character development to write an original production to be filmed or produced live (COVID permitting) at the end of the week!

Christ the King Soccer Camp

This week of soccer camp will see professional soccer coaches come to CTK and put or soccer players through their paces!  Come and learn new skills, compete against your friends and have fun developing as a soccer player. Reach out to rlawrence@ctking.com with any questions you may have.

Scientific World – STEM

This camp is for boys and girls who love to explore the World of Science! Campers will conduct a number of exciting STEM Experiments to train their scientific skills. They will learn how computers communicate, assemble their own circuit, discover how rockets blast into orbit, control robots, engineer the fastest race car, explore chemical reactions and so much more!
This Camp has a particular focus on science and engineering. STEM Velocity utilizes quality resources during multiple hands-on activities helping children acquire essential 21st Century Skills. Campers will receive invaluable support and guidance from our team of instructors and lab assistants. Visit STEMVelocity.com for more details.

Volleyball Camp with Coach Neelam

Coach Neelam and her team will be running a full week of Volleyball camp in the Hyland Center Gym.  Whether you are new to Volleyball or looking to tryout for competitive teams, this camp has everything that you need.


June 28th – July 2th

Rising Stars Basketball

Rising Stars Basketball has become Atlanta’s most popular camp and clinic provider of youth basketball for boys and girls ages 5-14 over the last 23 years. Rising Stars provides a special combination of “Fun and Fundamental” teaching while building confidence in young players.

Registration through the Rising Stars Website.  CTK Students and Parishioners receive $35 discount before March 10th



Instructors: Jordan Blair Brown and Ryan King

Max # of students: 16

Early Bird Special if signed up by May 1st

This class will provide students insight into the film and television industry that’s right in their own backyard! Students will explore techniques, scene work and monologues to learn how to create truthful characters, how to bring themselves to a role and how to capture the magic of a moment on film.

Natural World – STEM

There’s an exciting World of Nature waiting to be discovered! Campers will explore nature from new perspectives as we extract DNA, conduct a Bio Blitz, explore the intricate symbiosis of plants and animals, gain an understanding of the food web, dig into the history of our planet through analysis of fossils, and much more!
This Camp has a particular focus on biology and teamwork. STEM Velocity utilizes quality resources during multiple hands-on activities helping children acquire essential 21st Century Skills. Campers will receive invaluable support and guidance from our team of instructors and lab assistants. Visit STEMVelocity.com for more details.

July 12th – July 16th

Multi Sport Camp 

This week long camp will see coaches introduce and coach 2 sports every day.  Ranging from Lacrosse to Baseball, Flag Football to Kickball.  There will be something for everyone.  This is a great way to introduce your child to a range of different sports, find out what they enjoy!


July 19th – July 23rd

COMMERCIAL KIDS – (Grades 3-8)

Instructor: Erin Dangler

Early Bird Special if signed up by June 1st

Max # of Students – 12

This fun and interactive course will explore the elements of preparing and auditioning  for TV commercials – unspoken, scripted and direct-to-camera. Students will learn how to take real commercial scripts and bring them to life incorporating improvisation, imagination and on camera skills…plus insights into the industry in Atlanta.

CTK Soccer Camp

Join Coach Ross and his team of experience soccer coaches for this week long skills camp.  CTK Soccer Camp is built to introduce new skills, develop old skills and grow a love for soccer.  We will play games, compete against each other and award prizes throughout the week.  This camp is the perfect way to prepare to the CKS Fall Soccer Season.  Reach out to rlawrence@ctking.com if you have any questions at all.


SFC are a local Futsal Club (indoor soccer) who provide quality coaching for budding young soccer players.  Futsal is a form of indoor soccer that was designed and evolved around street soccer, for players to express their creativity and develop their technical skill.  This camp will provide a chance for players to work on their creativity, ball control, confidence and their decision making.  If you have any questions or want to find out more, check out SFC HERE  or email rlawrence@selectfutsalclub.com.



July 26th – July 30th

Tap and Ballet Camp with Studio GO

Ages 5-7 – $250

Join us for a fun-filled week-long dance camp. Dancers will explore both ballet and tap technique, as well as working on creative expression through movement and dance. Our camp features an hour long dance class each day, in addition to crafts and a focus on proper dance terminology. Camp will meet Monday-Friday 9:00-1:00. Dancers will need a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes. Please be sure to pack a water bottle and snack with your dancer each day.


Chess – The Knight School

he one-week Knight School Summer Chess Camps, conveniently scattered throughout the summer, are the perfect way to spend a thrilling week with other cool, smart kids who love to battle and compete! Activities change constantly in a dizzying flurry of fun that kids find compelling and thrilling. Chess Camp has a fun and friendly spirit and is a great way to keep the brain sharp during the summer while having a real blast! Chess Camp is a super-fun, high-energy chess experience in which kids ages 5-12 celebrate a new chess tactic each day with silly videos, music-driven puzzlers for prizes, colorful silicone Tactixbands, funny movies, and chess clock tourneys in which the winner gets the loser’s Mardi-Gras beads! Laughter, fast-clocks, and compelling teaching approaches make this camp the summer’s highlight for the current hundreds of kids who make up the awesome network of The Knight School’s 75 school chess teams.

S.P.A.R.Q.  Speed and Agility Camp

Run faster, jump higher, increase power and reaction time! The SPARQ training system is a cutting edge speed and agility program that utilizes parachutes, plyometric hurdles, power bands, power balls, reaction balls and “the agility footwork web” to create more speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness in each athlete! SPARQ Training Program


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