Teen Car Camp

Program Overview

GRADES: 8th Grade Only
Tuesday – Thursday
TIME: Will follow CKS school time 8 – 3 PM (2:30 PM early dismisal WED)
DATES: May 21, 22, & 23
COST: $50 (for 3 sessions)

Program Description

Car Camp will be a (3) day camp hosted by myself and several teen and parent volunteers that will help our ‘soon to be drivers’ learn things they won’t learn at Driver’s Education.  Here are some of the topics we will cover.

Car Economics – How much does it cost to own and operate a car?  Campers will work in teams to research all aspects of car ownership.  They will develop a budget and figure out how much their commute to high-school will cost each day, month and mile.  This will cover financing, insurance, taxes and other costs etc.

Nuts and Bolts – This will teach campers about all of the major components and responsibilities for caring for a gasoline or electric car.  Presentation by a master mechanic.  They will each learn how to jump a dead battery properly, change a flat tire,  inflate tires properly, check oil and filters and understand consumable and wearable components and what can happen if those are not maintained properly.

Law & Order – This will involve a trip to Brookhaven Police department and municipal court.  The education officer will talk about teen drivers and what they see and look for.  They will learn about laws, licensing requirements and moving violation fines and point systems.

Driver Simulation – This will include a trip to Tiny Towne in Norcross where the kids will have a chance to learn about the rules of the road and will also be able to drive car simulators and golf carts on a closed track.

Safe Travels – We will find time to discuss St. Christopher and how we can integrate our faith into how we commute everyday.  We will discuss how passengers are just as important to a safe journey as drivers are.  We will share ideas and good habits and how our faith will remind us and inspire us to be safe drivers.  Campers will work in teams to produce a PSA video on a safe driving topic.

Cost of the Camp – A $50 donation would be ideal.  You can bring this on the first day or Venmo me here.  Please make checks payable to Mission Athletics LLC.

Can you help?  We will need several volunteers to help with Safe Environment and carpooling to the field trip locations and would love to have help from anyone who knows a little about cars.  See the sign up sheet.

Here is the promo video https://vimeo.com/214223767

Here is the signup for the camp https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b45acab29a13-8thgrade2


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